You need to define if the show will be acquired by a broadcaster, a commissioner or a toy company. Alexandre Armand du Pontavice de Rouffigny (né en 1762), Louis André du Pontavice (1763-1838), officier de l', Louis Anne du Pontavice (1766-1793), capitaine au régiment d'Armagnac, condamné à mort par le tribunal révolutionnaire pour sa participation à la Conspiration du, Edmond-Marie du Pontavice (1840-1913), lieutenant des mobiles d'Ille-et-Vilaine aux combats du. Producer. Anyway it is much more difficult to create merchandising products for the 6-11 years old target. Filmografia, nagrody, biografia, wiadomości, ciekawostki. Manuel et Driss ont grandi comme deux frères inséparables dans la même cité. Premii obtinute de Marc Du Pontavice: Oscar Cel mai bun film de animatie (lungmetraj) - J'ai perdu mon corps Second you have these domestic limits and the programmes do not have huge potential internationally. The advance of co-production is that it brings cash up front. It is easier for financing purposes, but it is much more complex for producing. Producers can spend more money in the shows. you have to identify a merchandising potential; you better be linked to an Anglo-Saxon partner or broadcaster. 06/11/2019. Welcome to a platform where professionals can meet and exchange information and ideas. You control the assets if the show became a success. Generally you need a big budget to produce a programme with an international appeal. The situation is the opposite compared to pre-school shows. The business model cannot be based on TV revenues, because there might be an advertising black hole. What about adult series and adult animation? Please subscribe to our newsletter to receive more stories like this directly in your inbox. Until then the parents are the prescriptors. La famille du Pontavice fut reçue aux honneurs de la cour en 1771,1786 et 1788[6]. Parmi les fiefs de la famille du Pontavice, existe encore de nos jours le site exceptionnel des Forges des Salles , situé dans la forêt de Quénécan, à la limite des départements des Côtes-d'Armor et du Morbihan, dans les communes de Perret et de Sainte-Brigitte. From a business model point of view, the biggest disadvantage is the dispersion of the assets and profitability and you loose the distribution control because you are going to share the territories among the partners. Marc DU PONTAVICE évolue dans le secteur : Post-production de films cinématographiques, de vidéo et de programmes de télévision (Code APE 5912Z). This makes your risk more important. It might be a combination of tax credits and soft loans. There are differences between territories, but in most countries ratings will start at 4 years old. Marc Du Pontavice, Producer: J'ai perdu mon corps. There is no relation between big budgets and ratings. Gustave du Pontavice (1850-1916), auteur de plusieurs ouvrages cynégétiques, grand chasseur à tir; c'est dans son chenil qu'est né le premier épagneul breton. Internet is just a complementary medium. What will be the market for Internet and mobile phones? The big mistake in adult animation is that producers think that animation should be trash, vulgar and provocative. Marc du Pontavice (né en 1963), producteur de cinéma. There are only exceptions in adult series. Another big advantage of co-production, especially with broadcasters, is commitment. You have to spend a lot of time in compromising, and it is very difficult to maintain the integrity of your show. If you want to go prime time, there is no way you can produce a show with these elements. The business model is also very dependent on merchandising potential. The broadcaster is more concerned by the success or the failure of the programme. Les producteurs Marc du Pontavice, Pascal Breton et Lionel Uzan annoncent le développement d'une série internationale sur Jeanne d'Arc, écrite par … Marc du Pontavice (born 10 January 1963) is a French animator who is the producer of Oggy and the cockroaches ("Oggy et les Cafards"), The Magician, Space Goofs, Kaena: The Prophecy, Mr. Baby, Les Dalton, and Ratz. Corrections / / Compléments. The television will help you to make the show a brand that will attract a lot of advertising through the ratings. Dopo aver lasciato l'azienda, insieme a sua moglie Alix du Pontavice, ha fondato la Xilam della quale è presidente ed amministratore delegato. In the merchandising-driven shows, you will serve the purpose of the toy company and you will get fewer revenues from the TV. Dans la revue des hommes d'armes du sire de Lescure et de la compagnie du sire de La Hunaudaie, en 1464, figure parmi les hommes d'armes Jehan du Pontavice[5]. In the character-driven shows the merchandising becomes a consequence, will come after the ratings. He will control every step of production, from script to design and editing. Ouvrages de Gilles du Pontavice et/ou Martine Bleuzen du Pontavice, Ouvrage du vicomte Henri Frotier de La Messelière. Check out the latest pictures, photos and images of Marc du Pontavice. You can have a very strong TV revenue, because advertising is king in this age. Marc Du Pontavice is a producer and production manager, known for I Lost My Body (2019), Gainsbourg: A Heroic Life (2010) and Oggy and the Cockroaches (1997). Robert du Pontavice de Heussey (1850-1893), écrivain. The first being cash delay because most of the cash arrive on delivery. Innovation is critical. Find the perfect Marc Du Pontavice stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images. Marc DU PONTAVICE est Président de la société XILAM MULTIMEDIA située 57 BOULEVARD DE LA VILLETTE 75010 Paris 10e Arrondissement au capital : 50 000 €. Co-productions offer several advantages. When it comes to specific shows that are made for mobile phones or for Internet, and there is a sort of exclusivity, in some years there will be a significant market. Contact us | Logos and banners | Change privacy settings, Mission | Structure | Partners | Team | Participate | Donations | Terms and conditions, (The article continues below - Commercial information), Virginie Nouvelle • General Manager, Wallimage, Jane Mote • Consultant Editor, The Whickers, Irini Souganidou and Soli Beraha • Distributors, Feelgood Entertainment, Raúl Cerezo and Fernando González Gómez step into feature filmmaking with, Cineuropa chatted to Maciej Barczewski, whose first film premiered in Main Competition at the Polish Film Festival in Gdynia, We talked to Soli Beraha and Irini Souganidou of Feelgood Entertainment about the Greek film market and the impact of the pandemic, Jane Mote helps us to grasp the changing landscape for documentary filmmakers, with an eye on the post-Covid / post-Brexit world. It is not necessary to spend a fortune in producing a pre-school show. When is comes to short or medium term and domestic market, there is no need to spend too much money. The third advantage is minimisation of risks because you have much more pre-financing. Accueil; L’Ours; La Marmotte; Tarifs; Calendrier; Livre d’Or; catherine du pontavice He was an executive producer from Gaumont, which is based in France. See Marc Du Pontavice's compensation, career history, education, & memberships. Pontavice (du), Pontavice du Pontavice (du), Pontavice des Renardières (du), Pontavice de Vaugarny (du) ANF 28 mai 1933-Bretagne, Normandie - extraction chevaleresque 1400 - honneurs de la cour. Auf LinkedIn können Sie sich das vollständige Profil ansehen und mehr über die Kontakte von Marie du Pontavice und … Olivier-Jean du Pontavice (1717-1792), (marié en 1750), Hyacinthe-Laurent du Pontavice (1748-1788), écuyer. What would be the financing strategy for pre-school shows? Dès le XIe siècle, Roland du Pontavice fut chevalier croisé : son lien avec l'actuelle famille du Pontavice n'est pas établi. Toupou est une fille sauvage, habitant à New York, dans un arbre à Central Park. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Cette famille appartient donc à la noblesse d'ancienne extraction. Keresem a testemet (J'ai perdu mon corps) színes, francia Animációs film, Filmdráma, 81 perc, 2019. To define a strategy you need to answer the question: what master you want to serve? You have audience measurements and audience ratings. Marc du Pontavice, défend Pourquoi j'ai perdu mon corps, déjà Grand Prix de la Semaine de la critique à Cannes, Cristal du long métrage et Prix du Public à Annecy.Un succès international pour un film d'animation hors du commun sorti en salle ce mercredi 6 novembre. If you want to go for adults, you better go for some federative audience. The money that they are willing to spend is bigger for programmes they have chosen. The advantage of this model is that you retain the control of the creative aspect. If you want to retain a lot of the assets of the show, you should provide a solution for the gap financing of your show. The more regional it is, the more it restricts possibility of choosing your talents. Before 5 years old, there is a parental prescription. Firstly because there are less revenues coming from TV that can justify a big budget. Im Profil von Marie du Pontavice sind 13 Jobs angegeben. La dernière modification de cette page a été faite le 28 mai 2020 à 12:59. Otherwise there is only a share of revenues. What would be your ideal financing scheme? The parents are loosing control on what the kids are watching. You build a budget from a business model. Pierre du Pontavice (né en 1926) ancien maire de Melleray-la-Vallée, ancien directeur de la Fédération des parcs régionaux de France. In the UK for example there is no way to produce a show both with BBC and with Nickelodeon. It was in a certain degree the realm of co-production and compromise. Cartoon Master Barcelona, Spain, June 2006. How do you define a strategy to finance an animation programme? Lucky Luke – Irány a Vadnyugat! Yves du Pontavice, écuyer, seigneur de Saint-Laurent de Terregate et de Rouffigny, Ambroise du Pontavice, écuyer, seigneur de Saint-Laurent-de-Terregatte, capitaine au, Jean du Pontavice, écuyer, seigneur de Saint-Laurent-de-Terregatte, . L'effectif de cette société est de 3 et le nombre de Dirigeant est de 1. Jacques du Pontavice (1934-2020), maire du Perret (Côtes-d'Armor), appelé en Algérie, défenseur de la forêt, du site des Forges des Salles et de l'abbaye du Bon Repos. Marc Du Pontavice is Chairman/CEO/Founder at Xilam Animation SA. Pay TV is more likely to be the one who is going to spend money in TV revenues. You do not have the best of both worlds. It is less “their” thing. 43 Marc du Pontavice pictures. MARC DU PONTAVICE PRÉSENTE UN FILM DE DAVID OELHOFFEN REDA KATEB 8. He was an executive producer from Gaumont, which is based in France. Which is the right balance between subsidy and market funds? Julien-Hyacinthe du Pontavice (1712-1793) Officier au Royal Roussillon, chevalier de l'Ordre royal de Saint-Louis. Virginie Nouvelle • General Manager, Wallimage“We need to demonstrate a certain degree of flexibility in order to meet the needs of our new partners, while continuing to work with independent producers”, Klim Shipenko • Director of Text“Most often, family is the main reason for all our trauma”, Jane Mote • Consultant Editor, The Whickers"It remains clear that in 2020 documentary filmmakers are not able to make a healthy living from their work", Maciej Barczewski • Director of The Champion"For his fellow inmates, he was a symbol of hope for victory over Nazi terror", Irini Souganidou and Soli Beraha • Distributors, Feelgood Entertainment“We love good films, whether they come from Hollywood or independent studios”, Subscribe to our newsletter to receive the most important daily or weekly news on European cinema, Raúl Cerezo and Fernando González Gómez step into feature filmmaking with La pasajera, Françoise Fabian plays Aurélie Saada’s Rose, IFFR announces competitions and February line-up for its expanded 50th edition, The inaugural edition of the Film Academy Residencies Programme has come to a close after unveiling its 16 selected projects, Eléonore Weber’s There Will Be No More Night strikes gold at Novos Cinemas, Production / Funding Serbia/France/Luxembourg/Bulgaria/Lithuania, Stefan Arsenijević’s As Far as I Can Walk currently in post-production, Polish-German film Lipstick on the Glass now in post-production. Kids want new programmes. Olivier du Pontavice de Heussey (1853-1933), directeur du. The big money is linked to exclusivity. Cultural barriers starts after 10 years old. Until then every kid love the same. After leaving the company, he, along with Alix du Pontavice founded Xilam. Did you enjoy reading this article? 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